UK is 2nd most preferred destination after US for International Students .Studies from UK will open to you the doors to whole of the world as It offers a number of degrees and qualifications which are highly acclaimed by Industries and Academics at the same time throughout the world.

Universities and Institutes of UK hold Top rankings in QS World University and Times Higher Education Rankings.

Top Factors why one should choose UK for higher education are:

1.Studies attentive on skill development

The Education system in UK places great emphasis on skill development like analytical thinking, communication skills etc through internships, work-placements, volunteering and dissertation placements etc.

2.Higher ethics of Education

The UK’s 162 higher education institutions are all held to strict standards by the government, so you may get the best teaching, support and resources available.

3.Flexibility in Courses

Courses in the UK are tailor-made to support students in getting the most from their studies as quickly as possible. In majority of the courses offered in UK there is built in flexibility regarding different subject modules and time duration. Many universities in UK offers 1 year Post Graduate Diploma as compared to 2 years in most of the countries.

4.Connect with excellent teachers

Universities of UK are home to some of the best minds of their field. Behind the high quality education of UK are the supportive and inspiring teachers of UK.

5.Get access to latest technology

The state of the art educational infrastructure of UK Is equipped with latest equipments and technologies that students can use to pursue their research in a very sophisticated environment.

6.Support and Guidance for International Students

Along with the excitement, travelling abroad for education may bring challenges like of different customs, languages, food and currency etc. to students. The staff of Universities and various government departments are very helpful and used to make students from all over the world feel at home.

7.Students Life in UK

The UK offers an amazing, unforgettable student experience like no other country. While studying in UK students may enjoy life to the fullest, learn and make friends from every corner of the world. It is a country with rich history and culture, stunning countryside, paired with world-leading modern art, design, culture, fashion and sport.

8.Less expensive than the US:

Another favoring factor for studying in UK is that the education cost is less than US. Total educational expenses including stay is lesser also due to the fact that the course duration in UK is lesser than in other countries.

9.Numerous Scholarships in UK

Several scholarships and grants are available for international students in UK Institutions and Universities and UK Government. Students can also work while studying to compensate their educational expenses.

10.Two year Post Study Work Right

And the most lucrative factor for international students is that UK Government is providing a 2 year post study work right for all overseas students from 2020 session. So the students can stay back there for 2 years and pursue their jobs in UK and upgrade their growth prospects.


University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

Imperial College of London

UCL (University College of London)

University of Edinburgh

University of Manchester

KCL (Kings College London)

London School of Economics and Political

University of Bristol

University of Warwick


Universities in UK offer courses in almost every sphere of education .However specializations can broadly be divided in following categories:

Accounting & Finance

Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering


Art & Design

Business & Management Studies

Civil Engineering

Computer Science


Food Science

Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism



Creative Writing




Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



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