Psychometric Career Assessments

Also known as Aptitude Test or Self Assessment Test, consists of a series of questions including numerical, verbal and logical. It is a theory and technique of psychological measurement. With this scientific and standard method, we measure an individual’s mental capabilities and behavioral styles. Then we analyze his or her aptitude and cognitive abilities and match them to their field of interest.

With a combination of expertise and logical tools, we finally tend to discover the best course and career for the particular individual. Once you know which group you fall into, it’s easier to assess what type of career might be suited to you. These tests are designed to measure your rapport for any course and streams.

These Psychometric Career Assessments are designed especially for each individual to pertain to their career related questions.

Although there are 8 types of Psychometric Tests, 2 Tests which are widely used during Career Counselling are:

Stream Selector Assessment for 8th,9th& 10th Students

A student of 9th generally doesn’t have a crisp knowledge of his or her own interests. This may lead to incorrect selections. This is where counseling steps up. With tools recognizing the strong points of a student, we help them take absolute decisions regarding stream they should select.

Ideal Career Assessment for 11th-12th Students

Students of such age contain a small portion of the vast knowledge about the courses and universities that can be relevant to them. Therefore, a counselor identifies the personality traits of a student and make them recognize the most suitable career and university. Therefore, career counseling eliminates the ambiguity in career and futuristic decision making.


DMIT stands forDermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. It is a method of revealing intelligence, inborn skills, talent and potential.

It serves as an effective tool of career counseling as it helps in:

Understanding and developing effective manner of interaction with candidates based on their inborn communication style.

Evaluation and determining compatibility of students with various options available.

On determining the candidates’ innate characteristics and learning style or ability, we refer them to the fields they are best suited for and have highest compatibility with.

Personal Interaction

On the basis of analyzing the reports of these tests, we organize a consultation session with the concerned individual and identify his or her point of view in answering thequestions. A combination of the data derived from the reports and the assessment session ultimately culminates in stabilizing the top 3 alternatives that cater to the individual in terms of stream, course and college.